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The road to email is paved with good intentions.

Regular communication through your email database sounds great, doesn’t it?
A cost-effective way to keep in contact with your clients and suppliers. They want to hear from you – they’ve subscribed! And it’s as flexible as you like: newsletters, promotions, product updates, surveys & questionnaires, invitations, competitions…

Good intentions aside, many businesses want to send out regular emails but lack the time, software or confidence to do it properly. Here at Red Creative, we do it all for you through our Red Email system.

Red Email makes it as simple as Create > Send > Track.

create > an email template or suite of templates through Red Creative, brand identity experts. We design email templates customised to your needs and consistently branded to your businesses’ identity.

send >
via Red Email to your existing, opt-in/out email database. Emails can be embedded with images, links and more.

track > results and report on every campaign. Analyse reads, click-throughs, hottest links and forwards to potential new subscribers.

To find out more about setting up your account, to see examples of our work or to receive costing information, phone 1300 533 733 or email

Red Email is an initiative of Red Creative